Best Places To Retire In America

No. 10: Nebraska

Low expense of living
Low crime
Nebraska may have a reputation for cornfields as far as the eye can see, but there are plenty of hidden jewels in this Midwest state. In downtown Omaha, retirees can wander along the cobblestone streets of the Old Market, lined with art galleries and eateries, boutiques.

Nearby Lincoln also boasts a historic downtown called the Haymarket, and football mania is well and alive in the town. All in all, the Cornhusker State offers a comparatively low cost of living, and it also rated in the top half of states for low crime rates. Residents here report being slightly more happy than folks in other states, according to the Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing index.

Nebraska scored particularly high marks in the classification that was societal, and since 2012, it has earned top ten spot in the index.

No. 9: Arizona

Excellent weather
Personal wellbeing
Retirees who wish to relax in a climate that is warm will soon be attracted to the desert land in Arizona. The state scored among the highest in the nation for nice weather, also it comes as no real surprise that there’s scarcely a cloud in the sky. While Phoenix and Tucson see rays 85% of the time, on average, Yuma sees sunlight 90% of the year.

This bright prognosis could explain why people who live here report a reasonably high level of well-being. Arizona rated in the Gallup Healthways Index for overall wellness.

Arizona also places a fairly low tax burden on its residents: 8.8% compared with a national average of 9.9% of income as of 2012, according to data released this year by the Tax Foundation. A state’s tax burden is the amount of residents’ income that goes to state and local taxes.

One downside: Crime is a bit of an issue in Arizona. The Grand Canyon State is the only one in Bankrate’s top 10 that’s a higher-than-average crime rate compared with other states.

No. 8: Iowa

Quality health care system
Low crime
Quality health care is especially very important to seniors, and Iowa is a good spot to find it. Based on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the state received quite strong scores for care affordability, and strong scores in individuals-focused attention, treatment that was effective, home health- hospice care and nursing homes. That includes programs for example the medical homes for members with chronic conditions of Iowa Medicaid.

The Hawkeye State additionally have a relatively low crime rate, with the 16th lowest violent crime rate in the country, according to FBI statistics.

Iowa additionally boasts an affordable cost of living. In the Des Moines metro area, a half-gallon of milk averages $1.85, compared with the U.S. average of $2.25.

Practicality aside, Iowans also understand how to have fun. Retirees who settle in Des Moines, for example, will find an impressive downtown with attractions such as painting classes, comedy shows, and food and music festivals.

No. 7: Idaho


Low crime
Low cost of living
Idaho supplies a safe area for retirees to settle down, and a dollar here will go in a great many other states.

In fact, the cost of living and crime rate in Idaho both ranked among the bottom in Bankrate’s database.

Housing in Idaho is very affordable, with median home values in Boise at $267, and $258,125 000 in Twin Falls, compared with a national average of $312,874. The average flat lease in Twin Falls is a low $662 a month, in contrast to the U.S. average of $945.

Other perks of Idaho: The weather isn’t too shabby either, and residents here can enjoy many natural treasures, including national forests, large lakes and canyons. The 5 major cities in Idaho are located on the picturesque Snake River or its tributaries.


Great weather
Low taxes
There is much to love about Montana, from the mountains to the prairies. Whether it is the tallest point in the state, Granite Peak, or the grasslands of the Northern Montana Prairies, natural wonders abound.

The state has and residents report being happy with their environment.

Only 11 states have a lesser tax rate than the Treasure State. The Tax Foundation also ranked Montana in the top greatest in its 2016 State Business Tax Climate Index, in part because it has no sales tax.

No. 5: Virginia


Low expense of living
Virginia has made the No. 5 spot on Bankrate’s list of best places to retire in the U.S. for the 2nd year in a row. It is also the only coastal state in our position.

One of the main draws to the Old Dominion State is its low expense of living, which will be particularly remarkable due to that coastal location. Actually, Virginia ranks in the very best half of all U.S. states for affordability. Retirees looking to invest in real estate here will undoubtedly be happy to realize the typical house price in the Richmond metro area is $265,703, considerably lower than the . $312,874 national average If you simply desire to let, you will pay about $893 a month.

Virginia’s low crime rate is another attractive feature. From 2001 to 2010, violent crime rates decreased by 27% in Virginia and property crimes went down 19%. The state’s violent crime rate ranks as the 5th lowest in the nation.

The state -average marks for health care quality and weather.

No. 4: Utah


Fantastic weather
Personal wellbeing
Outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of activities to stay active in Utah. The state boasts mountains, lakes, national parks and canyons, and there are plenty of treatments for cabin fever during winter. To the mountains, which will be fantastic news for skiers, snowfall is mostly confined in the colder months.

All in all, the state ranks 6th best in the country for weather. Not only does Utah see a great deal of sunshine, it also has unusually low humidity, tying with Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico on that measure. Overall, Utah scored for pleasant weather in the top ten.

Residents of Utah also report being more happy than those in most states, particularly as it pertains to fiscal well-being. The cost of living is below the national average, although taxes are a bit higher than in other states. Even in its biggest metro area, Salt Lake City, the typical flat rent comes in at $894 a month, in contrast to the U.S. average of $945.

No. 3: Colorado

Great weather
Private wellbeing
It is no shock that Colorado has a few of the very best weather in the nation — the 3rd finest, in fact, according to the NOAA data we examined. The state views plentiful sunlight and humidity that is little, especially in cities for example Denver, which enjoys more than 300 days of sun annually. In January, the common saturated in the town is 47 degrees and also the low is 16. By March, the average high increases to the low along with 56 degrees reaches 25.

When it is the Great Sand Dunes in the Black Canyon, Pikes Peak or southern Colorado, this state is surely postcard-worthy.

Colorado also scores high for well being in the Gallup-Healthways index, particularly in the social category. It ranked 4th out of U.S. overall.

As if all this weren’t enough, residents of the Centennial State have a comparatively low tax burden of 8.9%.

No. 2: South Dakota


Personal well-being
Low taxes
South Dakota also scored well for overall happiness, especially when it comes to social wellbeing.

South Dakota winters may be fierce, but the state still receives an above-average quantity of sunlight. And there’s plenty to do and see all through the entire year, whether you intend to visit Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore or the Air and Space Museum. It is no wonder South Dakota is often referred to as the “land of infinite variety” for its scene.


Low offense
Great private well being
This season, Wyoming earned the top spot again, plus it is easy to see why.

Like South Dakota, it’s among the lowest tax burdens in the country at 7.1%. It also scored well below the national average for crime rates. In 2014, the FBI reported merely 195.5 violent crimes per 100,000 people, 3rd lowest in the country.

That may have at least something regarding their exquisite surroundings. The Devils Tower National Monument, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are simply a small number of the natural treasures in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming gets it right, as it pertains to weather. The state enjoys a climate that is reasonably cool, and summer nights are mild. There are often fewer than 10 cold waves during the winter (although winds may be strong). Humidity is also not super high, making it the best location for retirees who do not like stuffy summers.